Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Question of Owambe and NRC

So it was on Saturday, and if anyone knows what goes down in Lagos on Saturdays, you’ll would have know what is it I want to talk about – well you guessed right; Owambe!! – so just this last Saturday o, a very good friend’s cousin is having her wedding and as padi padi now, we have to show at the wedding, of course with a compulsory Ankara (if you don’t want to carry the Semo), and moreover since the Aso Ebi's price is at an all time high, I have to settle for a friend's "Two Piece" Ankara assemblage ‘cos yours truly cannot even boast of one native attire (no be say I dey proud of am ooo, the thing just sounds funny sha, but I’m crafting plans to get some, so clap for me ooo; for my effort at least ).
So after all the Ankara loan and my borrow pose, Saturday was finally here and it’s time to show it all off and really I was particularly proud because I was sure there would have been so many people like me who would have to borrow money to buy the ever posh “Aso Ebi” and even sew on credit; so am I not even better off (So leave my head o jare, I better pass some people).
We took Uncle’s Jeep and guess where the wedding was holding; Nigerian Railway Corporation at Ebutte Metta. Okay, this does not have to ring a bell now because if I had not been there and someone is writing about this, I won’t as much as waste my time to skim the through article (read speakless), but please just endure it till you get my point exactly.
Like I said, it was the Nigerian Railway Corporation that the party was held, and to my utter struck, it’s hard to imagine that the Nigerian Railway has more Vehicles that Coaches, and more shocking was that fact that they have paid officials running a grounded Railway system (and no be small money ooo, big huge naira). All through our short journey from the gate of the “Community”, exotic NRC branded cars were seen scurrying all over the place and that leaves me to wonder why these people will ever think of the railway system when they are so comfortable with the road. The biggest shock was when the Oga Patapata of the NRC in Lagos pulled – in in his classy Toyota Land Cruiser, 2011 model and that was when I knew that the discussion was over.
Well, why don’t I just forget about NRC and it’s problems and focus on the party, so that was exactly what I did, but even then, so many things could not just escape my gaze. First it was Ms Pancake, now who’s Ms Pancake? You’ll ask; well, I won’t hold – up on you too much, I call her Ms. Pancake because she had successfully turned herself into the Nigerian version of a Sidhe Queen, she so applied the Pancake or is it Mascara (the girls will know that) on her cheeks, I was pretty positive you’ll scrape off seven layers before you can get to her skin; and there she was, the most beautiful bimbo on earth.
An then MC "Flaw" came up on stage with a doctored american accent and trying so hard to sound like Chris Rock, and that just leaves me to wonder why we cannot celebrate our own, what  so prevented him from emphasizing  his thick local accent? (I should ask google eh?), but it really does call for an answer; and that was only the least; if a Chris Rock wannabe could come up on stage with that doctored american accent, why can't he just utter correct and proper English (do not mind my Zeugma) if he so much wants to be Chris Rock? It really does knocks the breathe out of me. 
Well, so many things were there to savor  and yet there were many more things to scorn; the royal entrance of the bride and then the amazingly boring speech of the chairman of the occasion (I still don't seem to get a grasp on why people fail to realize that wedding reception is not meant to be MRG 101 class; all we want to do is dance and eat). But in all, Saturday was great, and another chapter in my confused life had just been recorded, I hope I didn’t bore you.
If I had, I just could not resist the temptation!!!