Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Woah, looks like I have been MIA for ages. I feel so like out of place right now. The pursue of GP affairs have not been that easy. Coupled with the convocation; the new studio and all the in betweens, time was always the one winning in the catch - up game. *sighs. 
I do hope blogspot missed me, else I might just decide to finally put to use that rope that has been lying around in my room all these while *lol (totally kidding about that one, I love life too much). 
Well, I just caught up with time today and decided to pop in and drop a lil something. I'm like typing at warp speed now so ya'll can bare with all the errors (sorry). 
So, it's a new month today - 1.11.'11 -. pretty funny in a weird way, I can"t believe October just sneaked out of our lives like that, *sighs, but that nonetheless; happy new month. I have a pending obligation to fulfil; the whole "versatile blogger" ritual. How much I appreciate Mz. Buki and Damola, I won't be able exhaust after I must have written 400 pages, I really do appreciate you guys, thanks for the encouragement. 
Performing this rite is not something to be taken lightly, so I'll just beg to take my time and properly check all details and not take Kolanut to the altar of Osun (yah, don't even comment). 
Please, lemme scuttle out of hear before the VC catches me lounging, it won't be funny you know. (Unilorin Secondary School is not that bad o *just a classic case of over-exaggeration* lol) XOXO