Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Salvation Experiments: The Rain Test

There are those things in life that just give you a weird kind of fun, some inexplicable “high” that makes you want to hold that moment and never let go. Forever.  

Walking home from the office today at 20:15 Hrs, I got caught up in the ecstasy of just walking home all by myself, with my headphones in place – purring Audio Adrenaline and Newsboys – and backpack where it was made for; strapped up to the hilt and just walking. Weird right? I know. I mean, who gets caught up in the ecstasy of “just walking” all by he’self, listening to random alternative rock songs. Well, let that one bake your noodles, because I did and it was in the rain too. Yah, massive one. #GoFigureMe.

See, I told you about holding on to the moment, like forever, so, thanks to the ingenuity of Kodak who made the first generation of quick-take cameras that evolved into digital cameras which our generation carries around these days, I was able to do just that; I captured the moment.
I flipped out my camera and shot away. 

Looking up into the weeping skies, the world was never clearer, more beautiful, more meaningful. You will probably never understand. But the joy of knowing there is a God that loves you and gave himself in the form of his son to redeem you just to prove he wanted you no matter the cost doesn’t seem mightily clear either, but he did all the same. I won’t blame you if you don’t understand. Sometimes you gotta see to believe, but most times, we walk around eyes closed to the little wonders of the world. How are we ever going to big wonder of earth’s salvation? #GoFigureSalvation