Hi, meet me

Hi, glad you dropped by. I'm Gbenga and I can learn anything.

I'm a full time tech-writer, full time editor and full time learner.

I love to write, but I presently suck at it as you may have already observed. But hey, it could be worse right?

I also like to read, naturally, but I am not succeeding at doing it as much as I want to. Why? I grew up and went to get a job. Sucks for me pretty badly.

Anyways, this is where I come to pour my thoughts and do jazz hands over them.

I love to see the big picture. Pretend contrarian. Unrepentantly Christian. I love structure. Almost-photographer. I actually do things. Tennis buff. Lover of oatmeal (eats it every single day, ah). I ask too many questions. I am nosy. I am going to be a great writer one of these days.

That's me. My work. I try with the camera too.