Monday, July 18, 2011

An Unwholesome Discovery

Since this is supposedly going to be a Chronicle of a particular confused Nigerian student who used to be "brilliant" but discovered (early enough luckily) that he actually knows too little so survive in this Charles "Darwinized" world of ours, it will not only come in different strokes; those strokes will be laid without format touching every facet of a confused life,
About knowing too little, actually, I just didn't wake up one morning and realize that I knew too little for survival (comfort speak-less); at every point in my life I have always had the need to learn things over and over again, and then at each point I ask myself; "Funmi, just what exactly have you been doing with your brain", but then, I survived my first six foundation school years without knowing the six times (as 6 x 6 balderdash), because all I have to do was sing along, but always to my surprise I come out tops at exams - how I did that will be story for another post- but whatever you think, think ye not that I cheated.
Done with primary school, I proceeded to the middle school where I also could not grab the basic things about life and living, but speak of the cumbersome confusing head - spinning stuffs, I'm always at the forefront, analyzing issues with the eloquence of a veteran, little did they know that it was all based on assumptions and hussy logic, and because of my high sounding non - sense, I soon earn a place of respect amidst my peers. But, so that you may know, my high sounding supposed non - sense were usually surprisingly accurate and if not accurate, close enough to confuse a generation of peers who does not like to read, and with same style, I sailed through the middle school,
And now, here I am, in the last lap - before all the additional hokum the nerds are pursuing (Phds and all), I still live on accurate assumptions, and I am in my  third year in the University.
So you'll be asking, why do we have to know about this, well, it's simple; I opened a blogger account and I don't have anything to write, so I think, this nonsensical part my life can as well qualify as my first post.