Wednesday, June 6, 2012


As part of the build up to this year’s students’ union elections, the Independent Student Electoral Committee organized the Manifesto presentation on Monday (28th May 2012). The event which held at the Student Union Building pavilion of the University saw the students who were vying for various positions on the central executive council present their agenda to the student public in a bid to convince and canvass their votes.

The arena was filled to capacity as students representing all the 12 faculties in the university were on hand to support various candidates emerging from their respective faculties. 

The Unilorin SUB Colliseum, A day after the manifesto
The event kicked off around 5pm with presentations from candidates in for the office of the Public Relations Officer and Secretary.
Olubuse Ayodele, a candidate from the Faculty of Communication and Information Sciences was about the only candidate who was able to calm the frenzied crowd for his rendition. Other contestants were not able to keep up with the charged atmosphere which was made all the more raucous because the wonky public address system could not sufficiently project the voice of the aspirants.

Subsequent to the rendition by the aspirants for the posts of Public Relations Officer, Secretary, Assistant General Secretary and Vice President, the crowd soon explodes with ecstasy as they welcomed the presidential aspirants for their pitches.

Abayomi Kolapo (aka Fellow), the presidential flag bearer representing the Faculty of Business and social sciences, was the first to mount the stage. He had to wrestle his supporters for audience as they kept chanting lusty solidarity songs. In his speech, he said his primary aim is "to create a change in the governance of the student Union". 

Abdulquadri Aremu (aka attention), the main opposition in the forthcoming elections representing the Faculty of Science and purportedly, the interest of the school, received a short shrift from the crowd. In his agenda, he revealed that while change is imperative, dialogue and compromise might be the only way to make any headway in student welfare.

A presidential debate will hold on Wednesday in the school’s auditorium to round off campaign against the Thursday elections .

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