Thursday, December 12, 2013

Hey Friends. A Friend Died Today

Hey Guys, a friend died. Today. She said her goodbyes to the world while we all were sleeping, confident that when the sun rises, we'll rise with it.

But while we were sleeping, the Grim Reaper crept in and stole her away. Yes I know. That's the only way he knows to operate - while we hibernate confident that someone somewhere will press the power button to bring us back to life - he strikes and drains colour from our faces with the same blow.

My friends. A friend died today. And death has done it again. He didn't give a notice, no caveat, not forclosure notice, no sign in the skies that said; "YOU ARE NEXT", he just swooped in like a peregrine falcon, talons extended to pick the next bird in sight. He delights in picking us at our brightest, our "fliest", when we are all up on the top rung. That's when his blood-lust sates the most.

So friends. A friend died today and score one for the Grim Reaper, he did shake the stool off our behinds, mine and other friends.

So friends, I am in shock, and I am sad. She was my friend, and tomorrow could have been her 30th birthday or even today. Tomorrow could be the day she gets the Nobel Prize for Literature or even a lifetime achievement plaque. She couldn't have imagined in a thousand years that the Reaper's target was at her back all the while. But it was and she was the last to know.

The target was on her all the while, but she was the last to know. But excuse me, death never takes a break, he and his hydra headed bow. He has his eyes on you, me and everyone, he always has. Scary I know, but it's the sad truth.

My friend died. Today. It could have been me. Or maybe am the next target, I'll never know. But if I needed a sign. That was it. If I needed a caveat. That was it. If I need to prepare. Now is the time to start.

After Death comes judgement (Heb 10: 27) and there is only one way to play it safe; receive, believe and confess Christ as lord and saviour now while you can. I have done that and will do it as often as I can. Because when your time is up, you'll be the last to know. No one should blame death then, because he gave all the signs. Someone once called him a "pernicious reminder of our finitude", but he's not a bad guy, he's just following orders. Don't even imagine a life without death.

NB: A friend actually died. Please help pray for her family.