Monday, June 29, 2015

Dotting Your T's And Crossing Your I's

A very good friend
I am Gbenga, 23 and I copy-edit at a tech news and analysis website.

I love my job, but you see, this is the hardest job on earth. You don't think so, but from where I am sitting, it is.

Fun Fact: I do spend a lot of time sitting everyday. Somewhere between 6-8 hours.

Because I am not a fantastic writer myself, and I have this pedantic streak always going on, I could be quite a pain to those whose works I edit, so I get a lot of unfriendly side-glances as I mark up stories in GDocs.

I hate having my stories marked up as much as the next guy, so I understand what's going on in a writer's head when those annoying yellow highlights start to show up all over his document.

See, I wish stories were good right out the door, so I could fly through it, dot some t's and cross some i's and put some smiley faces while at it. But that never happens in my line of work. And because I am frazzled at the end of hunting through every story to make a decent piece of it, I end doing things like this; "dot some t's and cross some i's".

I hate it when those happen, because I really just look stupid. My Editor-in-Chief hates it, of course. He'll tell me "you need to be anal-retentive".

Anal-retentive. It's fine, you can google it. He says a lot things that warrant consulting the noble digital overlord.

NOTE: I am Gbenga, I copy-edit at a tech news and analysis website, and everyday at 8pm, I am going to come here and record a random thought while eating crackers and oatmeal. Tomorrow, I think I am going to talk about this Rainbow campaign Facebook has got going.

Photo Credit: Kyla Roma via Compfight cc