Sunday, July 3, 2016

Define Happiness!

Is it feeding a hungry child?
Is it Monday morning in a new town?
Finding love?
Or getting a new job?

Buying a new MacBook with unlimited iCloud storage?

Is it falling in love for the 5th time after you've given up on yourself?
Looking in the mirror and seeing your body carved like of Hercules'?
Is it a trip out of town, alone in a drop top?
Is it lunch with your BFFs?
Or dinner with the 'one'?
Or ridding the world of a menace?

Is it a masters degree in Canada?
Is it karaoke night?
Is it going to church?
Meeting your favourite band?
Is it a long warm hug from a loved one?
A "good job" from a stuffy boss?
A thoughtful comment on a Facebook post?
Or your tweet that set the internet ablaze?
Or a meme or a t-shirt with your face on it?

Is it an old photo?
Is it a sultry whisper if a paramour that promises a good night ahead?
Or it's the good night?
Is it the last breath before reality switches?
Or the first breath when life begins?
Is it watching airplanes take off?
Hearing their soaring buzz hum over your head?

Is it a roaring plate of Jollof rice?
Or Garri with generous rations of groundnut and milk?
Is it a bottle of Coke?
Or a short sharp sniff of one?
Is it God?
Is it life?

Is it all these wrapped in one?
Is it none of the above?
Is it happiness?
Or it's nothing?
The one rocks dream of?

Define happiness.