Thursday, July 21, 2011

Paranormal Activities

“Just what is Nigeria turning into?” I guess that was Inquisitive talking to me from the inside. Well, before you start wondering (maybe this guy don go kolo), what I’m writing about is paranormal activities, and so that you may know, things are not only wrong with my country, but even also with myself. Now I heard that there is this thing called Multiple Personality Disorder, where you get to have different personalities all locked up inside of you and each of them with their hegemonic opinions about things happening around and it always seem like a chaos up there with constant argument in the upper room (your grey matter). Well, it’s not like am saying am now an MPDist o, it’s just that sometimes I feel like there are just too many voices in my head I can’t seem to know what I am thinking.
All in one person - Me
For instance, I might see a little girl reading under a stunted banana tree, and then all these internal beings starts to contest for the top spot, Inquisitive might come on up and say “why does she have to read under the banana tree?”, and then Angry comes out and says “she’s so stupid to be reading out under a banana tree, and  then Gentle can say “oh, she’s so determined and focused to be reading out underneath the banana tree”; but thank God sha  because as for me, I know when to tell each personality to keep its pie hole buckle shut .
Well, that was just about me, speaking of paranormal activities, there are so many unNigerian things that has been happening lately in our own very dear Naija, first, there was this girl that committed suicide because her Fiance dumped her (please ooo, husband don finish for market? Even sef, if she no see any, she not fit manage me?) – I am laughing; it is of course a very poignant story, but the first thing that crossed my mind is, why will a Naija commit suicide, it is not conceivable. And then, the one about the Ministerial Nominee that decided to go Cliff (bridge) jumping into the lagoon, getting himself hosed up thereby saying farewell to the beautiful world.
It just does not fit, why will a Naija commit suicide, it’s just too UnNigerian, ha ah, na wa ooo.
But while those people get themselves an early ticket through the pearly gate, let us eat and drink o, for tomorrow we die (so said the prophet).