Thursday, July 28, 2011

A WIld Rat Chase

The last time I read anything about rats was last week when I read Berry’s post on; “How not to be rat in my house”, a really funny piece I must admit, so when Kenny barged into the study on that Monday evening (distracting me from my so many Facebook clients) to announce that there was a rat in the laundry, the first thing that plagued my mind was the stupid smirk putting up a show across my face, because it all sounds somewhat amusing that there is rat in the laundry (not even kitchen o), and suddenly there is a state of emergency *yuck! Well, after battling my unbelief for minutes, I had to part with my clients on Facebook and head on up to the laundry upstairs.
Well, I actually had the notion that Kenny had come to call me because he thought I was good with rats; but no, the whole house was upon this rat; all the guys in the house (at least 5 of us), were upon this little thing like a pack of wolves and it started to seem more akin to me like were advancing on a war as boys brandished anything they could lay their hands on; luck must have ran out on this rat today.
As we sauntered up the stairs like a team of commandos, the article Berry wrote reared its head again and I started to wonder; this rat must have violated some extremely sacrosanct rules on how not to be a rat in the Auntie’s house; the one that says, “You may not come out in plain view when I am watching TV in the evening with my family. Because all I can see right now is a certain untimely end for a poor rodent.
Or, perhaps Aunty had not negotiated any terms of residence with the night crawlers like Berry did, or, maybe Aunty is not just as tolerant. Well, that nevertheless, we advanced with this thought competing for the topspot in my mind and I was scared to death for the little thing, if only he could escape,*ahem, but did he?
Well, we got to the laundry with a planned out modus operandi on how to pluck its life out, and my conviction that the end of our dear friend is certain was further validated. We barricaded every entrance to the crime site and upturned all the clothes baskets, but lo and behold, the suspect was nowhere to be found (shuo, abi the guy don turn to Ogidan disappear comot?); I was starting to have some heeby jeebies; is this a replay of the legend of the Flying Rat? Nonetheless, we started looking out for holes and tunnels he could have used as an escape route, but oh my, there was no hole.
After close to 45 Minutes of intelligent analysis of the situation, it dawned soon enough that the rat has bailed out. We soon started to turn our back and rearrange the already messed up laundry.
So, it was a wild rat chase anyways, and the rat that the whole house had descended like a school of piranha was a faithful protégé of Scofield; he has successfully broken out; I could picture the rat going down in its knees and mumbling "thank yous" to the creator., *smh* what a chase *heaves*!?!