Thursday, September 1, 2011


So today  marks the start of a new month and as a plus, it welcomes the colony of the months with the yellow suns – ‘embers. One thing I'll be eternally grateful for today is not that I have only 15 days left to fill on my IT Logbook, nor is it going to be the fact that my long springy neck has grown a bit shorter, but the singular fact that my pure heart is still beating and that the Bokos are yet to find the address to my house, considering the spate of bombings that has ravaged the country in the past month, one would be a great fool if s/he decides to take this gift of life as business as usual because what seemed to have been a fortress in the edifice of the UN building in the capital city was hewed down by the mighty sickle of Boko just this last friday - stale news tho', defying all the techies and stringent security rituals of the UN and even the seemingly heavenly intelligence of the Pinkies (abi na, they are not whites, I'm not colour blind), and leaving me to wonder if any of those dead 23 and injured 73 had signed up for what was delivered to them that fateful Friday by BHL – a DHL variant. *shakes head.  

What reason do I have not to be grateful? Even though I have been cosseted in a seemingly impregnable fortress of Writer's Block for close to two weeks in what turned out to be one of the worst blocks I have ever dined with and still dining with - I sure qualify to be a writer na - , each time I protest and claim that we have ran out on food, it smiles and tells me, "I have got a truckload of victuals, let us dine and wine, for tomorrow we die" #evil laughter.  

But you think that's painful? No! What’s more painful is that god muse is staying aloof in all of this and all I ever get from him are naughty snickerings while urging me to go on and have my fill.
And here I am, stuck in the mire of drab waters, but that will not prevent me from sneaking a post of appreciation to the sighting of the first month of ‘embers; let September welcome the sweet month of embers. My prayer for you is that you will never know the wrath of Boko Haram and that you will never get on a blind with darling WB; I do hope that I break out of this disaster date soon enough – needing your prayers. *on my knees.   
All the same, Happy new month!!!