Thursday, September 29, 2011


This past week had been pretty much adventurous and more than anything else, it has heralded one of the most classic and worst case of writer’s block I have experienced since WAEC examination where all I could do was sweat while my pen kept acting like one rebellious. But that case with WAEC must have been a kid's-play, I think I am nursing a different flu here, unlike my WAEC where it was a taboo to turn your head left or right or even consult reference materials, I have all the choices and I can turn my head 360 Degrees if I so wish, so brings the question again; what is happening to me?

I have been away from Blogosphere for too long a time and it now seem more akin to me like I will be finding it difficult to post anything, these days that school decides to get back in session (leaving us filled with only GPA affairs).

In the past few days, I had practically been to the two ends of the country (ok, let’s just say the south alone). And it quite opened my eyes to a lot of things I would have liked to talk about, but how my memory fails me, I can barely remember anything *scratches head*, maybe they were not just worth remembering, ;). Afterall it was not like I wanted to write about them anyway *droops*

And not forgetting my writers’ block, I still battle with it like the Grecian armada against the Trojan impregnable wall. How did I ever get myself into this? I keep asking and what do we have here? My failed memory, nothing comes to fore and it’s just me and my ten gallon head.

As I got lost, deeper into my thoughts, a line from a book I read when I could barely makes out what LOL means strolled into my head and pity I do not know who wrote it, but it says; “In the midst of loved ones, you find comfort, but in the midst of haters, you find progress”. I am not really sure if that was how the writer had put it, but I do know that the message is clear enough. Well, lest my fellow IT guys see this and decide to blowup my MailBox, (since I had spent the last months with them). No, they were not haters, the only thing they were, was taskmasters, they never allowed my feet touch the couch and I was always left with my heels at my occiput (Ogo).

But what now? In the past few days, it’s been I and a whole bunch of homely guys (well, kinda homely sha). Spent days at the village home doing something close to nothing, I was not even eager to write anything. I was just there watching the sun dance to the beat of the wind, gliding slowly through the skies and the leafs moving in perfect sychro with the gentle whistle of the breeze. Indeed, I thought writers’ block will find his level, but no o, he sat there with me like a sex starved African third wife. After which I got to school (school resumed finally), in the company of some really nice dudes (well, kinda nice) and I just don’t seem to have any time to myself to even think, write speakless.

Well, I just didn’t want this to come first. Its just that, all the things I had written are just silly excuses. The real thing is that; school is back in session, and I have so many things on my hand. Hence, I may have to take a little break. At least, till I settle down into the hostels. But for now! You know the answer . (Filled with GPA affairs). *ducks Boko Haram Bomb*

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I didn’t make any. No apologies

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