Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The Limbo

Get a voice, take a stand
There is a truth that pulls your mind
That stings and heals too
Hurt like the stone eternally churned by the sea

Open your mouth, carry a brand
It will hurt, the truth
It will pull back the blind, revealing burning Klieg lights
Welcome the audience, it's your show for the first time

Your time to shine

It's your story, tell it
There is a grand poobah running the show
But the moves are yours

I will forget glory and kill with every move
Be sorry, and say as much
Be brutal, and own it
Fail, fall, rise and speak again

You owe no one, but humanity

No one but conscience
No one but the one who created it
No one but your voice
Find it, take a stand

Between relevance and obscurity
Is the comfortable little place - the Limbo
Between the latter and death is no option to speak of

The time to be Judy is ways away, if at all

Photo Credit: The-s via Compfight cc