Monday, November 9, 2015

Cargo Cult: A story about education

Eighteen years to prepare for a life

The promise was comfort after
Wife, kids, a house and a car
A sinewy pension and a country home to boot

The world was changing, no one was telling us

It won’t be enough, no one told us
We heard of the 1.5 and the three to eternity
But not of the grinding unapologetic teeth of life
The frowning heads on choked necks were the traitors
Education is all you got. Your identity
We heard it so long it came alive

They lied

We got education and forgot to live
Our stars are really failed suns, no one told us
The broken ones got the job of fixing us
It would be fine in the end...
Retain and retain and you’ll make something
Of yourself, you’ll make a legacy

They lied
On that tawdry bed, we glided to Shangrilla
We now look questioningly around

This is not it 

Our eyes are darting
Here, there. Here there.

Somebody help!!

Reality bares its teeth.
Wife, kids and a pool house dissolve into wisps

Sweat, blood, tears and nails.

Photo Credit: 10b travelling via Compfight cc